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Passive Components Resistor Networks And Arrays - Top Notch Electronic Components List

Aerospace Domain is a leading supplier of a multitude of electronic part type components such as Passive Components Resistor Networks And Arrays products, and customers can find part numbers ready for purchase on this page. Saving our customers time and money for every purchase, we invite you to request quotes for your comparisons on top part numbers of electronic part Passive Components Resistor Networks And Arrays such as 4116R-1-561LF, 2NBS16-RF1-103LF, 4116R-1-104LF, 4116R-1-390LF, 2QSP16-RJ2-222LF, and other products listed on our website. To guarantee a rapid process from purchasing to delivery, we expedite the shipping process on all domestic and international orders with our supply chain stretching across the United States. We also uphold strict quality control practices, allowing us to conduct our operations with AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B certification and accreditation. We understand that procuring your requirements can be daunting, so we have made the process as simple as possible. Call or email us today to speak with a representative who can guide you through the purchasing process for Passive Components Resistor Networks And Arrays electronic parts; we are available 24/7x365. 

Manufacturer's List of Passive Components Resistor Networks And Arrays

Part Number's List for Passive Components Resistor Networks And Arrays

Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
4116R-1-561LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,68,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
2NBS16-RF1-103LF bourns in mininet narrow-body soic,hazmat Avl RFQ
4116R-1-104LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,100k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-390LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,390,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
2QSP16-RJ2-222LF bourns in thin film on silcon,16pin,5%,2.2k ohm,t/r,hazmat Avl RFQ
4116R-1-274LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,270k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-100LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,10,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-272LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,2.7k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4108R-3-221-221LF bourns in res thick film net 220 ohm/220 ohm 2% 1.69w ¦100ppm/¦c term 8-pin dip pin thru-hole Avl RFQ
4116R-1-202LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,2k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-201LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,200,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-271LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,270,2%,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-562 bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,5.6k,2%,low,bulk Avl RFQ
4114R-3-221-331LF bourns in res thick film net 220 ohm/330 ohm 2% 2w ¦100ppm/¦c term 14-pin dip pin thru-hole Avl RFQ
4116R-1-361LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,360,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-250LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,25,1%,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4114R-2-472LF bourns in molded dip,14pin,bussed,4.7k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-153LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,15k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4114R-3-181-391LF bourns in res thick film net 180 ohm/390 ohm 2% 2w ¦100ppm/¦c term 14-pin dip pin thru-hole Avl RFQ
4114R-1-121LF bourns in molded dip,14pin,isolated,120,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-183LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,18k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4108R-3-121-121LF bourns in res thick film net 120 ohm/120 ohm 2% 1.69w ¦100ppm/¦c term 8-pin dip pin thru-hole Avl RFQ
4116R-001-154 bourns in resistor-networks-and-arrays Avl RFQ
4114R-3-331-391LF bourns in res thick film net 330 ohm/390 ohm 2% 2w ¦100ppm/¦c term 14-pin dip pin thru-hole Avl RFQ
2NBS08-TJ3331471LF bourns in rnet - thin film Avl RFQ
2QSP16-RJ2-104LF bourns in thin film on silcon,16pin,5%,100000 ohms,t/r,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-001-104 bourns in resistor-networks-and-arrays Avl RFQ
4116R-1-563LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,56k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
2NBS16-RG1-680LF bourns in molded dip,low profile,16pin,isolated,68,2%,t/r,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-682LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,6.8k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-001-184 bourns in resistor-networks-and-arrays Avl RFQ
4114R-3-331-471LF bourns in res thick film net 330 ohm/470 ohm 2% 2w ¦100ppm/¦c term 14-pin dip pin thru-hole Avl RFQ
4116R-001-821 bourns in 4116r-001-821 Avl RFQ
4116R-1-510LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,51,2%,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-154LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,150k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4114R-3-331-681LF bourns in res thick film net 330 ohm/680 ohm 2% 2w ¦100ppm/¦c term 14-pin dip pin thru-hole Avl RFQ
4116R-1-474LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,470k,2%,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-393LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,39k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4114R-3-302-622LF bourns in res thick film net 3k ohm/6.2k ohm 2% 2w ¦100ppm/¦c term 14-pin dip pin thru-hole Avl RFQ
4116R-1-332LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,3.3k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4114R-1-330LF bourns in molded dip,14pin,isolated,33,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-472LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,470k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-001-124 bourns in resistor-networks-and-arrays Avl RFQ
4116R-1-182LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,1.8k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4108R-3-221-331LF bourns in res thick film net 220 ohm/330 ohm 2% 1.69w ¦100ppm/¦c term 8-pin dip pin thru-hole Avl RFQ
4116R-1-122LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,1.2k,2%,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-562LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,5.6k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-330LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,33,1%,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-560LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,56,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-105LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,1m,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-104FLF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,100k,1%,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-150LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,15,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-270LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,27,1%,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
2NBS16-RF1-502LF bourns in mininet narrow-body soic,hazmat Avl RFQ
4116R-1-331LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,330,2%,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-001-333 bourns in 4116r-001-333 Avl RFQ
4116R-1-470LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,47,1%,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-121LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,120,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-001-473 bourns in 4116r dil net 8r 16p 2% 47k Avl RFQ
4116R-1-124LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,120k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-001-202 bourns in resistor-networks-and-arrays Avl RFQ
4116R-1-131LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,130,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-001-683 bourns in 4116r-001-683 Avl RFQ
2QSP16-RJ2-103LF bourns in thin film on silcon,16pin,5%,10000 ohms,t/r,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-101LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,100,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-222LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,220k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-681LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,680,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-001-332 bourns in resistor-networks-and-arrays Avl RFQ
4116R-1-392LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,3.9k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-001-121 bourns in 4116r-001-121 Avl RFQ
4116R-1-750LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,75,2%,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-105FLF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,1m,1%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-360LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,36,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-220LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,22,1%,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
2QSP16-RJ2-101LF bourns in thin film on silcon,16pin,5%,100 ohms,t/r,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-683LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,68k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-394LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,390k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-684LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,680k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-391LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,47,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-123LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,12k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-224LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,220k,2%,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-203LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,20k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-564LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,560k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-273LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,27k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-471LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,470,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-501LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,500,2%,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-301LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,300,2%,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-103FLF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,10k,1%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-252LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,2.5k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-275LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,2.7m,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-181LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,180,2%,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-334LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,330k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-305LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,3m,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-512LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,5.1k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-333LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,33k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-184LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,180k,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-511LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,510,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-680LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,68,2%,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-502LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,560,2%,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ
4116R-1-225LF bourns in molded dip,16pin,isolated,2.2m,2%,low,bulk,rohs compliant Avl RFQ

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